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Pro-Lite 7ft Free Surf Leash

Pro-Lite 7ft Free Surf Ankle Leash (Clear/White)

  • - 7mm cord thickness / 7ft cord Length

    - Great option for a variety of conditions

     - Features include double stainless swivels to keep the leash spinning smoothly and a recessed horn to reduce the pull on your ankle

    • Specifications

      • Designed for small, medium to overhead surf.
      • .27 diameter thickness. (7mm)
      • Super lightweight extra tough urethane.
      • Finished neoprene ankle cuff for maximum comfort.
      • Stainless Steel Double swivel.
      • Custom Pro-Lite mold with super flexible ends to reduce pull.
      • Recessed horn to further reduce pull.
      • Detachable rail saver.
      • Key pocket.
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