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Christian Perry

Neighborhood: Elm Grove

Home Break: Atwater Wedge / Jetties, Sheboygan

Stance: Goofy

Christian has been a good friend of mine for many years and have had the pleasure of scoring countless sessions with him. He has worked at every surf shop in Wisconsin at one time or another and has a ton of stoke for surfing the lakes. Christian lives in California during the school year where he attends college and surfs the coast. You can find him on the lakes during the summer months and holidays scoring waves around the Milwaukee and Sheboygan area. He is one of the few lake surfers that can ride a skateboard just as well as his surfboard. This guy is a true class act. A Huge shout out to his brother Chase Perry - aka "Chuck the Band" who co-owns a couple of these boards and is just as cool and dedicated to the surf!

- @biglakejake

Christians Comments:

10'0" 1964 Hansen Classic D-Fin (Far Left)

My uncle had this board sitting in his shed for 15 years. This Hansen was the first board I started riding on the lakes. It works best on slower, small waves. Because it is so big, you can basically paddle in to anything. This board is big and stable, but has a smaller profile in the nose that makes it a little tricky for nose riding. I started off riding this board a lot but it now has a decent amount of dings and damage so I do not ride it as often anymore.

6'2" Butterfly Single Fin Fish (Second from Left)

My Uncle bought this board about 20 years ago from Todd Fillingham of Milwaukee. This board sat in his shed until I started surfing. I couldn't ride the board at first - I have now gotten used to it and it absolutely rips on big waves. The board looks like a late 70's or early 80's so it has a lot of volume and works perfect for a lake short board. In the Milwaukee area, the board works best at places like North Atwater Wedge on a big day. I had a few great days up at Northpoint in Sheboygan and overhead waves in Marquette, Michigan on Lake Superior.

7'6" Single Fin Mini Longboard (Third from Left)

I picked up this board at a surf shop in California and it is my favorite board. I use this board whenever its mid thigh and larger. It is 7'6" but there is still plenty of room for nose riding. Surprisingly it can snag small waves. It catches waves like a log but rides like a short board.

7'6" Twin Fin Fish (Second from Right)

I got this board from a surfer up in Sheboygan,WI. This board is super flat so you can catch little waves really easy. This board works best on slow, rolling waves with nice size. The Twin fin is the nicest board I own but do not ride it very often due to its flat rocker.

8'0" South Coast Mini Longboard (Far Right)

This board has a tri-fin thruster fin setup. My brother and I bought this board together with a 6/5 wetsuit for $350.00 off craigslist a while back. The South Coast is my go to board when the waves are small. Its a nice wide board perfect for a little dancing! I used this board a lot at Sheboygan Jetties and the Elbow.

CP riding a wave at the Atwater Wedge while filming with Lake Effect - Photo: Chase Perry

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