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Tamir Klein

Neighborhood: Riverwest, Milwaukee

Home Break: Atwater Beach/Bradford Beach

Stance: Goofy

Many of you may know Tamir from around the shop, at the skate park or in just about any Wisconsin surf line up. Aside from working for Lake Effect and chasing waves, he also runs Home Grown Surfboards - a custom surfboard shaping and repair bay here in Milwaukee, WI. As a close friend I can't say enough good things about Tamir and we are stoked to see more foam coming out of Milwaukee! Check out what he has to say about his hand shaped Home Grown surfboards below.

- @biglakejake

9'0 Home Grown Surfboards Log (Far Left)

9'0" - 23" - 3"

Hand Shaped/Glassed

Works best on small to medium size days.

There's no one spot I haven't ridden it.

Most days call for a longboard so this is what I use.

7'3" Home Grown Surfboards Mini Gun (Second from Left)

7'3" - 23" - 3"

Hand Shaped/Glassed

Works best at a point break or longer beach break.

I've surfed this board from Trivers to Racine - It's a great all rounder.

I had a fun day back in July on it.

5'9" Home Grown Surfboards Mini Noserider (Third from Left)

5'9" - 22" - 2.5"

Hand Shaped/Glassed

I've taken this out at some beach and point breaks. Very versatile.

Port and SB have been a blast on it.

Haven't put it down since it was finished.

5'5" Home Grown Surfboards Twin Fin Fish (Third from Right)

5'5" - 21" - 2 3/8"

Hand Shaped glassed by Aqua Tech in Venice Beach

Works best in punchy beach break conditions.

I've had some fun days north of Atwater on this board.

I haven't ridden this one in a while...maybe since early June?

6'0" Home Grown Surfboards Single Fin (Second from Right)

6'0" - 21" - 3"

Hand Shaped/Glassed

Works best in at beach breaks or points.

I've had fun at Port and Shevegas on it.

I haven't taken this board out since the winter...after getting back on it I realize it's a dog! Rail and glass job was all whack.

8'11" Andrew Hausheer Fun Shape (Far Right)

I got this board from Ryan Bigelow.

It works best on smaller days all over.

Surprisingly fun on some beach breaks around.

This board has been collecting cobwebs for some time.

Final comments:

I started riding waves when I was nineteen. The obsession has only grown. Early on I was fascinated with single fin long boarding. This took me down the rabbit hole of single fins/retro/alternative shapes. These kind of boards I seem to have the most fun on and work well in many of the conditions we experience on the lake. With this in mind I've used the knowledge I got out west with that of the midwest to create surfboards that can work anywhere and are especially useful wave riding vehicles for the fresh water.

It's also been great collaborating my print skills with board building. The shapes are cool, fun, and the designs on them are very unique.

Tamir setting a line in the heart of the dairyland.
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